Mermaid Tail Blankets from $10 and up @ TwinkleDeals

Mermaid Tail Blankets from $10 and up @ TwinkleDeals

If you want thingamabobs such as Mermaid tails, TwinkleDeals is the best! It takes several weeks for it to swim overseas to reach you but the shipping is free. Everyone will want to laze around in one of these on Christmas Day!

To avoid paying additional fees for customs & duty, I'd order one that's under $20 USD. Select free shipping during checkout. (This means it will arrive via mail and not through a courier with potential additional fees.) You can also select to pay for your order in CAD currency.

You can choose from a beautiful selection of colours and styles of mermaid tail blankets. They're created for everyone in the family, right from babies, ($10.13 CAD, from from $29.34 CAD), for boys (shark tail! $22.64 on sale from $56.61) to gorgeous rainbow coloured fish scale accents ($27.26 from $60.29) and more.

You want more?? (You were singing this song anyway, yes?)

Check out this mermaid's tail that looks like Ariel's might... it's on sale for $21.02, from $53.99. Check out these mermaid tail glasses that we posted about, too!

Shipping is free!


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  • KaylaS

    I love these adorable and stylish mermaid tail blankets! I have been looking to order one for my daughter from a similar website, also with fairly good prices, but think I'll use this one instead as it is one of your feature deals :) I also really like that I can order a cool shark tail blanket for my son as well, so he's not left out-if he will stay still long enough to keep it on anyway... Maybe I'll have to order that remote controlled flying shark for a matching duo ;) 

    Thanks for the great deal post and Disney nostalgia with the Little Mermaid song plug in there, Eryn. I was most definitely singing 'Part of Your World' while reading this article and now it will probably be stuck in my head for hours- lol!

    • KaylaS

      Update: Upon checking that other website I was looking to order from it turns out that it actually is TWINKLEDEALS! Whoops, haha! I think I saw an ad for it on Facebook. Well, that certainly makes things easy, no comparisons needed ;) 

      GREAT deal!