Yes Wellness Canada Promo Code: $5 Off Cricket Protein Bars

Yes Wellness Canada Promo Code: $5 Off Cricket Protein Bars

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Dare to eat a cricket? I don't mean that you have to take the living cricket and crunch it all up alive in your mouth like my bearded dragons do. The evolution of food is here and it is in insect protein! These cricket protein bars are brand new to Canada and Yes Wellness has them for $5 off with coupon code.

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This may sound like a joke, but food manufacturers are realizing the detriment to our health and the environment from animal-based proteins. Of course, there are plant-based proteins, but with all of the insects out there, this is a healthy and viable way for people to get protein.

There are two types of cricket protein bars available for sale at Yes Wellness. The first is Chapul cricket protein bars. These are regularly $43.50 and will come down to $38.50 with the coupon code. You'll get 12 bars of these unprocessed, natural ingredient and handmade bars, which include cricket flour among a number of other healthy ingredients. There are three flavours - chaco, thai and aztec - all inspired by insect-eating peoples.

The other type of bars are the Exo cricket protein bars. You'll get 12 bars, regularly $44, now $39, with four different flavour options. Designed by a 3-star Michelin-starred chef, you can try blueberry vanilla, peanut butter and jelly, cocoa nut and apple cinnamon. All of these options actually sound pretty yummy. I like that Yes Wellness makes the nutritional information very clear so you know exactly how much protein is in each bar (plus fat and calories too). You can easily compare it to the bars you are already eating.

I tried to price compare these bars, but these are such new products, they really aren't available yet elsewhere. I see that Aviva has a spot for them in their product list, but they aren't available yet either. If you want to know more about cricket flour protein, this Wired article is very informative.

Shipping is free on orders over $49, so you might want to top up your cart and not have to pay for that fee, or get a couple of boxes!

Bargainmoosers, are you brave enough to eat crickets?

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