Who Does Nobody Like? = Free Card Game to Play Online or In Person!

Who Does Nobody Like? = Free Card Game to Play Online or In Person!


Find out who nobody likes with this FREE downloadable card game!

Have you ever played cards against humanity? Our Dear Leader has and she wrote about it right here. That game is child's play though. As co-creator Justin R Young described it "It is weaponized to be awkward" as opposed to Cards Against Humanity which is more like "Tee Hee, look at the naughty thing we said!."

Even the website has a huge warning on is that says


Do not play this game.

You will lose your friends, your significant other will leave you, and your family will never speak to you again.

We haven’t played it and neither should you.

That's a good sign of how terrifying this game really is. Basically you are each assigned a colour and a question is asked. A question like "Who is only kept around because no one has the heart to tell them to leave?" That is one of the tamest questions in the lot but they can get pretty terrible. You all take a coloured card (which represents a person) and put it in an envelope. To get points you guess who got all the cards, some of the cards or none of the cards. If you really think that everyone is going to vote me as the person everyone keeps around and it turns out that everyone did vote for me, you get some points.

If you want to see how it's played one of the creators played with a few friends online a mere 8 hours ago! It's an almost 90 minute long YouTube video and I haven't watched any of it so beware of content. It may very well be, and likely is, NSFW. Keep the kiddies away from this one.

You can get this in a printable version for free like Cards Against Humanity or you can play it online with friends for all over the place via Google Hangouts.

There is currently no paid, boxed version of this game but I suspect if it get's popular enough we might see a kickstarter campaign or something.

Are you going to play this, the most vile game around? Let me know in the comments below!

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