Where To Buy Hatchimals HatchiWoW Canada 2019

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Where To Buy Hatchimals HatchiWoW Canada 2019

Hatchimals have been on birthday and Christmas lists around the world for a good while now, and now Spin Master have a new, rather strange addition to the range... the Hatchimals HatchiWoW. Those little toys reviewers on You Tube are loving it, which is probably why it's flying out the doors of the big toy retailers. Get it at the best price with our "Where To Buy in Canada" list...

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Hatchimals HatchiWOW

The Hatchimals HatchiWOW toy is very bizarre looking, even when compared to the original Hatchimals. One major difference is it comes with a re-hatchable egg, so the novelty doesn't disappear after the initial hatch.

It's noticably larger than the others in the Hatchimals range, and will break out of the egg within five minutes. Once hatched, it'll be in 1 of 10 surprise moods. Pray for a happy one!

Kids will watch in wonder as their furry creature grows to a whopping 81.3 centimeters tall. Discover over 250 sounds and reactions, including singing.

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