Essential Oil Diffusers from $15.99 @

Because you deserve a little treat
Essential Oil Diffusers from $15.99 @

I'm on a mission to make my home as nice as possible, especially since I'm likely going to spend the next few months trapped inside. Part of that involves burning scented candles, cleaning up my living space and running my diffuser every so often to freshen things up. And if you need a diffuser, I gotchu. sells a handful of ultrasonic and more traditional diffusers, and they're on sale this week! There's something in here for just about every budget, with prices now ranging from $15.99 to $123.49. It even includes the Scentuals Rejuvenate Ultrasonic Diffuser that would blend in with your living room décor.

If you don't own any diffuser blends yet or want to switch up your scents, sells a number of different "flavours" and brands, including this Breathe Easy Soothing Diffuser Blend from Rocky Mountain Soap Co. It's a little on the pricey side at $22.49 for 10ml, but there are more affordable options, too.

I'd recommend putting together your cart now but waiting to check out until tomorrow morning. That's because is temporarily limiting the number of orders they accept each day. I had to wait a little while before I could finally check out, but I managed to buy a pack of these Multi-Purpose Wipes from Seventh Generation right after I woke up! They're one of the only places I could find still selling them online.

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