Weeding Out Some Gardening Deals @ BookCloseOuts!

Weeding Out Some Gardening Deals @ BookCloseOuts!

Do you care to potter among the petunias? Like to lounge among the lilies? Do you enjoy getting down to some dirty digging in the daisies? If that sounds like you, check out some of the book deals from Book Close Outs online bookstore. During the month of March, there’s a sale on their gardening books, from books on gardening tips to how to grow cacti!

BookCloseOuts are actually a Canadian website, even though the prices shown are in US dollars (I’m not sure why). They are actually based in Thorold, Ontario.They’re very popular, with a really good reputation among online shoppers. You can even combine some coupon codes with your offers, depending on how much you spend. You can find a few Bookcloseout coupons in this earlier blog post of mine.

One Hundred Ways to a Beautiful Garden” sounds like a great gardening book. It’s only $1.59! You can also buy “Gartenteiche gestalten” for $1.59, but it just doesn’t sound as romantic! If you’re planning to start living organically and growing a few healthy veggies for yourself, check out their book “Vegetables (Waterproof Books)” for only $1.99!! Home grown produce really does taste superior. My mom grows all sorts of things, tomatoes in the greenhouse, raspberries on the bushes, rhubarb in the garden. I can make a mean rhubarb crumble with that fresh rhubarb!

If there’s a specific flower you were thinking of growing, have a search for it on Book CloseOuts. There are gardening books dedicated to Roses, Clematis, Fuchsias, Dahlias etc, and they’re all really cheap. Hey – don’t forget to use Dealguild Canada for 7.5% cashback too.

I live in a condo, so I don’t actually have a garden right now. Even when I did have a little garden in my last place, I would definitely not say that I’m green fingered at all. In fact, I actually have one potted plant in my house right now. The only reason it is alive is because my sister gave it to me a month ago, so it really hasn’t had the chance to give up on life yet. My mom gave me an Aloe Vera pot plant past year. It managed to stay alive for quite a few months before it finally gave up the ghost. It probably didn’t help that I used to cut bits off the aloe vera plant to rub the gel on my skin when I got burned while whipping up some mega meal in the kitchen. My house is just not a refuge for green things!

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