Watermelon Ball on Sale for $11.98 @ Amazon.ca

Watermelon Ball on Sale for $11.98 @ Amazon.ca

Get this: there's a ball you can actually bounce, dribble and pass underwater – and it's on sale at Amazon Canada!

It's called the Watermelon Ball, and it's marked down to $11.98 right now.

This ball gets its name from the fact that it (pretty clearly) looks like a watermelon, but also because it behaves a little like a watermelon would under the water.

It can be passed up to 10 ft underwater, and it's durable enough to withstand a lot of playing. All you need to do is follow the instructions to fill it with water and head to the pool!

Prices vary between stores, but Amazon.ca usually sells these for $24.99 each. Orders over $35 ship free, and the Watermelon Ball qualifies for free shipping with Amazon Prime.


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