Walmart Canada: Huggies Club Pack Wipes Only $10

Walmart Canada: Huggies Club Pack Wipes Only $10


Walmart has a fantastic offer in their clearance section, with a 504 count box of One & Done baby wipes for only $9.97, was $16.87.

If you buy baby wipes often (and you most likely do if you have a baby or even a small child), this is a fantastic deal that needs to stock up on wipes. If I still had a baby in diapers I'd be getting quite a few boxes, because we went through these like wildfire. Huggies is my brand of choice for wipes because I find they are thick, rub smoothly along (nothing worse than a wipe that gets "caught" and your hands go further than you'd want!) and sometimes only one will do it. The One & Dones are just that - they allow you to clean up the mess in one go because they are extra thick. These are also perfect for spills, face washing and even for cleaning on the fly! It looks like it is the "refreshing" scent, which would also give you that clean smell on whatever these wipes touch.

I wouldn't wait too long to get this deal as something like this could ultimately sell out quickly. There are eight packs in the one box and they are the refill packs, which will go into the wipes container you already have. I do find that you can use them right out of the package but they dry out faster.

I've got another great bonus for you, and that is that Walmart also ships for free. So buy one, or buy ten, you'll only pay for the cost of the wipes.

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