WalMart Canada: Gillette Venus & Olay 3 Cartridges | Was $20 Now $10

WalMart Canada: Gillette Venus & Olay 3 Cartridges | Was $20 Now $10


Good afternoon, my fellow deal hunters! WalMart currently has some of their Gillette Venus & Olay 3 Cartridges on clearance, and we all know how expensive razor cartridges typically are! These Gillette Venus & Olay 3 Cartridges normally sell for $19.28, but at this time, you can purchase these razor cartridges for just $10! That's $9.28 off the regular price! What makes this deal especially great is the fact that you'll also get free shipping with your order!

These Gillette Venus & Olay 3 Cartridges won't always be around, since these WalMart clearance sales can disappear just as quickly as they appear! We all rely on razors, so that's one of the reasons why the familiar brand names like Venus normally sell for a pretty penny. Trust me, I've tried the bottom-of-the-barrel razor blades before, and you get what you pay for (my face had quite a few nicks, but I guess I already anticipated that when I bought those cheap razors). If you have the right razor handle for these Gillette Venus & Olay 3 Cartridges, then you should take advantage of this sweet deal!

If you're already familiar with these Gillette Venus & Olay 3 Cartridges, then I highly recommend that you stock up on them before they're sold out. Click on the link above to learn more about these razor cartridges, and if they're compatible with your razor handle, then you're in luck! You're getting these blades for nearly 50% off the regular price, so that's a really nice discount.

If you wanted to buy these Gillette Venus & Olay 3 Cartridges from WalMart's American website. it would cost you $16.97 US. I've included a brief review of these razor cartridges from a satisfied WalMart customer below:

My skin felt so silky smooth and soft after using these oil of olay blades, i would recommend them any woman who wants smooth silky soft legs especially after shaving.

Happy hunting, Bargainmoosers!

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