Walmart Canada: 9" Nobis Google Cert. Tablet with Case & Keyboard Only $68

Walmart Canada: 9" Nobis Google Cert. Tablet with Case & Keyboard Only $68


Walmart Canada is selling entry level 9" Nobis Google Certified Dual Core Android Tablets with keyboard and case for just $68! From what I can find, this tablet retailed for $99.99 US but I have found it (OOS) for up to $170 originally on American websites. On top of getting a tablet, case, and keyboard for under $70, you will also receive free shipping on your purchase.

This is a perfect setup if you are purchasing a tablet for your child. The 9" Nobis has a large enough screen for their hands to play and it is Google certified so you can download a ton of free games and learning apps from the Google Play Store. It comes with:

  • Touch screen
  • 1.5GHZ Dual Core
  • 1GB Ram
  • 8GB Memory
  • Front-facing camera
  • Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean)
  • Built-in Wi-fi

That 8GB of memory is expandable up to 32GB through via the Micro SD card slot. My partner has a tablet with expandable memory and I think every tablet should come with this feature (hello Apple!). It is so easy and cheap to expand the memory on your tablet yourself.

As for accessories, you will receive an AC adapter, USB cable, and a matching case and keyboard. You can choose from five different colour schemes, all of which appear to be in stock right now.

I think this is a great gift for younger kids because the tablet is relatively inexpensive and it comes with all the basic needs like Wi-Fi, a camera, and access to games. On top of it, children often want accessories. This tablet already comes with a case to keep your child from damaging their new tablet and it comes with a keyboard that will make it easier for your child to learn typing skills. I like how you can choose your child's favourite colour combination for an even more personalized gift. The expandable memory is my favourite feature as apps can take up a lot of memory so up to 32GB is the best feature.

This is one of Walmart Canada's early Black Friday deals and I assume these will sell out quickly. Pick one or two up before they do.

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  • Eva W.
    Bought one for my youngest!
    • Shelly S.
      Do you think adults would like it? Looking fro something to just surf the web and maybe watch videos.
      • Avigayil M.
        I have not interacted with the tablet personally, but for just basic internet use it could work. Note that it does not have Bluetooth. But with a wireless connection and the expandable memory I don't see why you couldn't use it for internet and movies.
      • Judith s.
        Purchased 2 of the nobis 9 inch tablet with keyboard case for christmas. one is not keeping the connection cord for the keyboard in. Therefore one is not working. Purchased on walmart website and do not now how or where to exchange it. Please adviSe. Thanks
        • Anna W.
          Send them an email Judith! :)
          • Avigayil M.
            You can also make returns to Walmart in store. had to do this on an order my husband made. Make sure to bring your original invoice, not just the packing slip.