Walmart Canada: 56% Off Great Value LED Frosted Flame Tip Deco 2Pk - On Clearance $12

Walmart Canada: 56% Off Great Value LED Frosted Flame Tip Deco 2Pk - On Clearance $12


Bulbs can sure be pricey, especially energy efficient ones, but at Walmart, you can grab the Great Value LED Deco frosted flame tip ones on clearance for just $12. They were originally $27.38.

There are only limited quantities available and since they're on clearance, there is a strong chance that they will sell out fast.These light bulbs are 4W LED frosted flame tip deco and come in a pack of two. As they're energy efficient, these are actually the equivalent of 25W incandescent bulbs. They use less energy and should last up to 25,000 hours!

They have a candelabra base and feature 200 lumens. If you have dimmable light switches, then no worries either as these bulbs are dimmable.

Whenever I need new light bulbs, I'm always shocked to discover the prices, especially when I set out not to pay a whole lot. Then it becomes tempting to get the energy efficient ones as although pricier at first, they are supposed to last longer. With these Great Value bulbs, however, you're compromising neither quality nor price. They're energy-efficient and completely affordable.

Plus, energy-efficient bulbs are definitely much more worth it if you need them for a chandelier as you wont need to fuss about changing them all the time, especially if you use your chandelier for extended period of time!

As Walmart no longer ships any order for free, you would need to either shop for over $50 to get shipping or have it shipped to your local Canada Post. Personally, the last option is the one that I would opt for but just make sure to check out inbox for the e-mail confirmation on when to pick it up. If you don't pick it up within a set time frame, then it will get returned to Walmart and you don't want that!

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