Walmart Canada: 5-Shelf Bookcase Only $30

Walmart Canada: 5-Shelf Bookcase Only $30


Walmart has a fantastic deal on a 5-shelf bookcase, now only $29.97, was $39. The only colour that hasn't sold out is ebony, but it looks nice and dark, which is perfect for hiding dirt!

This would make a fantastic bookshelf for a child or teen's room or even for a post-secondary student. It is sturdy and looks nice, although it isn't fancy or made of hardwood, but it is definitely functional. It will get your books off the floor or from under your bed, and keep them nicely organized.

There are 19 reviews and most of them are on the excellent to very good side. A few people complained that the quality of the bookcase was lacking, but I guess they forgot that they are paying less than $30 and if they wanted great quality, they needed to shell out a few more $20s.

Otherwise, reviewers said it was sturdy, easy to put together and great value. One suggested not to put anything heavy on it if you want it to last.

As always, Walmart will ship it to you for free, and they are featured on our free shipping page, of other stores that will ship to you for free as well.

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