VTech Go! Go! Ultimate Amazement Park Playset $44 From $70! @ Amazon.ca

VTech Go! Go! Ultimate Amazement Park Playset $44 From $70! @ Amazon.ca

Kids love amusement parks until they get overtired, hangry and/or sick. (Usually all of the above? Why don't you tell us some of your 'fun' amusement park stories in the comments below!)

Here's the perfect toy for kids to have that Theme Park feel without you needing to (and in no particular order of severity):

1.) Dole out more money for the rides, drinks, or cotton candy.

2.) Be the next viral sensation on YouTube when your child has a meltdown.

3.) Change your clothes when they inevitably get sick from all of the motion of the rides/heat/food.

So, without further commentary, check out this fun VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Ultimate Amazement Park Playset.

It's on sale for $43.82, down from $69.99. As a price comparison, currently Toys R Us is selling it for $69.99. This toy also ships for free!

Kids (or baby Einsteins - check out the pic.!) can build a 3 foot long race car track to push vehicles through.

I have to say, I got very excited to hear that there are over 70 sing along songs, sounds, and phrases. No more 'ear worms' going through your head from solo phrases or songs that lots of toys have. Or will we have 70 ear worms now? It's a real thing, these ear worms. If you've ever had a song running through your head for days at a time, you'll know what I mean.

Additional VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels and Animals track pieces can be connected for maximum play; a great early learning center for children ages 1 to 5.

Shipping is free!


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