True Cuddles: Boxes of Toys 50% Off

True Cuddles: Boxes of Toys 50% Off

Get a box of Rich Frog Toys for 50% off retail price from True Cuddles. Choose from infant, toddler and older kid's toy boxes and save a bundle.

A couple of the gift boxes are already sold out, shows just how popular this idea is. You can even get the box gift wrapped for an extra $1.99 and sent to whoever you want with a note not to open before Christmas!

Here is an example of what a gift box could contain:

Girl's toy box contains: mini Hippo ballerina stuffy, Princess change purse, mini puppy stuffy, mini Rainy Day moose stuffy, wind up roll over Santa toy, wind up swimming toy, princess crown and pink cape. Regular retail $52. Cuddle price $25.99. 50% off regular retail.

Two of the boy's boxes are sold out so far: but there are still plenty to choose from so check them out.


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