TomTom XXL550M 5" GPS For $109.97 @

TomTom XXL550M 5" GPS For $109.97 @


If you're in the market for a GPS device for your car, there's a special offer on the TomTom XXL550M Auto GPS from Tigerdirect Canada. It's only $109.97.

A huge benefit about this model is that it comes with free lifetime upgrades for your maps (US, Canada & Mexico). The lifetime updates are very beneficial. I've heard funny stories about people driving into lakes and things when they were following data from an out-of-date GPS system!

So if you are ever thinking about that road trip to Tijuana...

The 5" touch screen is handy too. Even though you're not supposed to be using it while you are actually driving, I've done that in the past when using GPS in rental cars. It also comes with "lane guidance" which sounds handy, I've never used that feature.

Shipping is a bit extra though, there's no free shipping on this item. It showed as $7 for me when I did a test order.


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