TigerDirect.ca Laptop Week 2012: 7 Days of Great Deals on Laptops

TigerDirect.ca Laptop Week 2012: 7 Days of Great Deals on Laptops

You think Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year? It's not. Laptop week at Tiger Direct is. And Bargainmoose has the hookups for you.

This is Tiger Direct's big week. Every retailer has them, it seems but this one is Tiger Direct's. Basically, as the name would suggest, they sell a pant load of laptops at great prices.  They have new deals coming online every day and the sale goes on until the end of Saturday. They make a point of saying that while they have a lot of laptops on sale, they have low stock on some of the models. So if you see one you dig, don't wait to get it. Get it soon.

Normally I would give you a sampling of the laptops available but this time I won't. There are a couple of reasons. First, these things really are setting out quickly. I'm clicking on laptops then a few minutes later checking again and they are sold out. Second is the sheer number of laptops.

Normally these sales are on a few products, maybe seven laptops. I can easily pick out the best deals from that. Picking out the best deals from this many laptops, spread across many days, isn't going to work out.

That being said, get in there and start digging for your next laptop. There is everything from high end gaming laptops to ultrabooks to budget machines and even tablets. They are also spanning brands with something from almost every manufacturer so if you happen to be a brand snob, your Favorite Brand will likely be here. If you somehow happen to not find a deal right now, keep checking back. I think they are adding deals as the days go by.

(Expires: 1st September 2012)


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