The Gap: Labour Day - Up to 40% Off Sale

The Gap: Labour Day - Up to 40% Off Sale

The Gap has a Labour Day sale going on that does not require any coupon code. Clothing is discounted up to 40% off both in store and and online.

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What I really like is that many clothing that I have never seen on sale is included. No coupon code is needed.

Check out these deals:

Those are pretty great discounts!


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  • Tricia
    I stopped at the mall yesterday for ONE wasn't to go to the GAP. But, I did have to walk by the GAP to get to where I needed to be and, of course, I had to stop in. The wide leg trousers that I have been eyeing but not buying because they are usually $70 were on for $40. Of course, again, I had to buy two and a few other things, t-shirts, cardys. Overall, saved $100 off my bill. Just in time to refresh a tired wardrobe.
    • Angellady
      Signature Gap Fleece pullovers for children not included on sale at all but I got a regular price cardigan for 40% off. Outlet store had signage saying everything was 40% off .