Texsport Steel Collapsible Cot Was $53 | Now $32 & Free Shipping @ Amazon.ca

Texsport Steel Collapsible Cot Was $53 | Now $32 & Free Shipping @ Amazon.ca


I have a cool little deal for anyone who loves camping. This Texsport Steel Collapsible Cot was $52.99 and is now on sale for $31.69 with free shipping at Amazon Canada.

This is currently the cheapest cot on Amazon Canada with the next best cost being $35.99. Now, I price compared this exact cot but could not find it anywhere else in Canada. in the USA it was around the same price (on sale) before our conversion rate:

  • $32.94 USD @ Walmart.com ($43.44 CAN)
  • $32.95 USD @ Amazon.com ($43.45 CAN)

Oddly enough, the cheapest costs at many online retailers are very expensive. The cheapest cot at Walmart Canada is $96.97 (sold out). The cheapest cot at Cabela's is $69.99. Also, the cheapest cost at Canadian Tire is $55.99.

Now, cots are incredibly useful around the house as well. If you are having guests over like friends at your child's sleepover or relatives in town for a special event, then you might need an extra bed. This cot can be pulled out for a one or two night stay. It is better than sleeping on the floor.

Secondly, cots are a god-sent when you are moving. When I moved into the place I live now, it took my house seven full days to arrive. During that time my choice was to buy a blow up mattress (which was terrible) or sleep on the floor. A cot would have been amazing during that time.

Of course, cots are optimal for camping. They get you off the ground and away from the cold of the ground at night. They are far more comfortable then just sleeping on the ground in a sleeping bag. While cots are not ideal for heavier people due to pressure points, they work for lighter people and are fantastic for children. I remember many a night camping with some tree root in my back. What I would have given for a cot.

This is a great price on this cot and a good price on a cot in general. Delivery will take between four to eight weeks according to Amazon. However, I had an order in that was supposed to not ship till September 2 - 15th, and it just arrived two days ago. You never can tell with Amazon: you could get it much earlier.

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