Targus DEFCON CL Laptop Cable Lock was $45.99, now $24.99 at Dell.ca

Targus DEFCON CL Laptop Cable Lock was $45.99, now $24.99 at Dell.ca

Secure your laptop and your money! Dell are offering the Targus DEFCON CL Laptop Cable Lock on special offer, down from $45.99 to $24.99, with free shipping.

Have you ever looked at your laptop, maybe near the power connection, and see a little rectangular shaped hole? You ever wonder what that is for? It's your cable lock port. Basically you can buy some sort of device that locks in there to secure your laptop. There are some fancy ones out there like the ones that emit an ear-busting screech when moved but the device that Dell has on is a bit more straight forward than those systems.

This is literally just a 2m length of steel cable with a loop on one end and a combo lock. The lock is user- settable which is a nice feature. You don't have to remember some random number that was set at a factory or deal with another key to carry around. The deal itself is very good too. These laptop security systems are always overpriced so a sale like this is definitely something to take advantage of.

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