Tamogotchi Pix Virtual Pet $62.51 Shipped @ Amazon Canada

Floral Pink only!
Tamogotchi Pix Virtual Pet $62.51 Shipped @ Amazon Canada

Remember Tamogotchi Virtual Pets? They are back but not as you know it. The Tamogotchi Pix is so much more advanced than the little pixelated pets we had in our youth. It can take photos! Head over to Amazon Canada right now and you can get it for just $62.51 shipped.

Tamogotchi Pix Virtual Pet

The Tamogotchi Pix has a clear, colour screen and boasts lots of new features - like a built-in camera, 17 games, and many ways of customising virtual pet.

By using the camera your child can capture those precious moments between them and their Tamogotchi pet. Plus they can play with them, nurture them and even hook up with their friends Tamogotchi pets to swap gifts and play together.

Suitable for kids aged six years old and above.

Delivery is free of charge.


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