Tabi: Clearance up to 70% Off, 25% off Reg

Tabi: Clearance up to 70% Off, 25% off Reg


Tabi has one of the in store sales that is often worth looking into. Right now they are offering 25% off regular priced merchandise and up to 70% off their fall and winter clearance... new markdowns just taken. While you are there be sure to check out their Wilson twill pants which are $10 off the regular price of $59 (now $49).

These promotions are only on until Sunday the 16th of January, 2011 so you have the rest of the week and weekend to chekc out your nearest Tabi's. I do find this more oriented towards the generation between my mother and my grandmother... but I also know style is in my mind: and it doesn't matter how something is meant to look it is what you do with a piece of clothing that determines how it will look on you. That is how vintage can look so chic... if you wear it right.


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