Superdry: Free 2-Day Shipping + Customs/Taxes Paid

Superdry: Free 2-Day Shipping + Customs/Taxes Paid

Superdry is now offering free two-day shipping with all customs and taxes paid to Canada on all shipments! They also have set up a Canadian URL (sweet!) where you can shop your little heart out.

The last (and only) time we blogged about Superdry we got an overwhelming response asking about duty charges. Well, according to the email we got here at the Bargainmoose "we've paid all custom fees, including all taxes for our customers in Canada!." So, I hope this helps all the Moosers in the past that loved this company but wanted to buy duty free!

Summer is here (officially!) and it is time to break out the swimwear. I am all for one-piece swimsuits, especially when they don't take themselves so seriously. This Superdry Super Swimsuit costs $80 and though it might be a one-piece, there is practically nothing above the butt in the back except for a couple of very fine straps!

There is a very large selection of men's swim shorts including these Superdry Panel Boardshorts for $69.99. They are available in a variety of colours from sizes small to extra large.

While shopping around I ran into the cutest Superdry 50s Colour Dress for $60. I just love the double layer flared skirt on it - so cute!!! The only thing that I am not so sure about is the complete lack of straps. I don't mind strapless dresses when they stay up, but I like some backup straps just in case. I think that is a problem with larger busts... strapless dresses are often not our friend!

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  • Leimd
    do you know are they still paying taxes and custom fees now? because this is not what they told me in their email to me.
    • Anna W.
      Leimd , I will email and try and find out!
    • Dave
      You guys find out yet? Want one of their windcheater jackets but got dinged hard on a shirt I bought from them. that was a couple years ago.
      • Anna W.
        Hi Dave. No reply yet, will re-chase!
      • justin
        any idea... was gonna order a 270$ jacket on there. but if they are shipping from the UK i will likely get charged duty
        • Anna W.
          So sorry, they are not getting back to me at all!
        • David
          Expect to pay customs, duties and brokerage charges. My shipment to Edmonton, was about 25% in additional charges from the invoice. They use DHL, and 100% guaranteed you will get charged.
          • Lee
            I just ordered a CAD 280 jacket ship to Toronto. I'll let you guys know how much I get charged in customs & duties. Now I regret ordering online in the first place.