Strawberry Silicone Tea Infuser Now $1.75 & Free Shipping @ Amazon Canada!!

Strawberry Silicone Tea Infuser Now $1.75 & Free Shipping @ Amazon Canada!!

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This little tea strainer will make an adorable small gift. Check out the Strawberry Design Silicone Tea Infuser. This little strainer is only $1.75. The wait time on this item may be a little longer because it does ship from Hong Kong, not Amazon Canada directly, but the shipping is completely free for this item.

Bargainmoosers, with school starting up again there are many opportunities where you might need just such a small gift. This a nice little appreciation gift for a teacher, administrator or coworker. Pair this cute little strainer with a mug and a little loose leaf tea for a lovely gift.

The strawberry strainer is made of silicone which is a durable material for use in the kitchen. The description suggests this strainer could be used for a teapot or a single cup of tea. From reading a bit more, this infuser does indeed seem roomy enough to include enough tea to brew a whole pot. The strawberry design is adorable and would bring a small to any tea drinker’s face including me!

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I found a similar strawberry infuser over at Tiny Deal for $2.30 that includes free shipping to Canada. Kitchen Stuff Plus has a silicone tea infuser shaped like a regular tea bag for $3.99. has a set of four tea infusers that are leaf shaped for $25.99.


Please take note that this item is from a secondary seller on Amazon Canada. The item does ship from Hong Kong, and Amazon expects the items to take 10-30 business days to arrive. While that is a long stretch to wait, I think for a smaller item like this it is well worth it to wait a little longer. There are no duty fees to worry about, as this item is well below the $20 threshold for extra duty fees.


Most of the people who have bought this strainer over on Amazon Canada seem pleasantly surprised by the purchase. Multiple people have commented that the quality was better than expected overall for this little strainer. There are a few people who have said the holes are too large and they ended up with a few flakes of tea in their cup. I think the positive comments far outweigh the negative. I even noticed one person says they wished they bought more of these cute infusers.

The holiday season will be here before we know it, and this is about the time of year I start getting serious about stocking up my present closet with little items. I am going to through a few of these in my own cart as a thank you gift to my kid’s preschool teachers. I would suggest pairing this with a coarser tea such as black tea rather than a tea with a finer grind such as peppermint. A coarser ground tea should not have any issue of tea leaves slipping into the cup. These strainers are adorable, and make an easy gift that is thoughtful without much additional effort.

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