Stonz Wear: Buy Any Bootie And Save 50% Off A Pair Of Linerz

Stonz Wear: Buy Any Bootie And Save 50% Off A Pair Of Linerz


Stonz Wear is a Canadian company that sells baby booties, hats and mitts. They are offering 50% off a pair of Linerz with any Bootie purchase until 16 January 2011.

The Stonz Booties are made for babies and toddlers (newborn - age 3). They are soft-soled, fleece-lined, nylon booties that slip on easily and have a toggle system to ensure they stay on. Stonz Bootiessell for $46.95. The Stonz Linerz slip inside the Bootie to give a layer of extra warmth. They sell for $18.95.

I had Stonz Booties for both my kids and loved them. I had the Polka Dot Brown Bootiesfor my daughter and the Stripe Brown Bootiesfor my son. They were so easy to slip on over sleepers, slippers like Robeez or even baby shoes. The fit was so adjustable that both kids were able to wear their Stonz booties for 2 seasons.

Stonz Wear also sells Mittz and Hatz.  I'm going to try these Mittz for my son. They have an extra wide opening to slip over his jacket and a toggle system to keep them on tightly.  I've had so much trouble finding mitts to fit over his jacket and I think these would be perfect for him.

Shipping is $7 or free with purchases over $50.


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