Step And Go Toilet Stool $24.89 @ Amazon

Step And Go Toilet Stool $24.89 @ Amazon

You're pooping wrong. There I said it. Now that you are uncomfortable, let me tell you about the Step & Go toilet stool and how it can change your potty habits. It is on sale for $24.89 @ Amazon.

What is the Step and Go toilet stool?

The Step and Go toilet stool elevates your feet for a healthier, more comfortable visit to the bathroom. It helps align the rectum with the anal canal, resulting in a more natural position for elimination. It fits all toilets.

Here is how to use your Step and Go:
  1. Pull out your Step and Go from where it is stored the toilet seat.
  2. Sit on the toilet and place your feet on the foot rests in your most comfortable position. Lean forward.
  3. When you are done your business, slide the the Step and Go back under your toilet.

Your Squat and Go toilet stool will ship for free if you spend $35.

I wonder if this will cut my husband's bathroom time from 1.5 hours per day? Perhaps if I remove the magazines.


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  • lsanders

    wow, support the original brand and inventor...Squatty Potty. It's only $29 at Canadian Tire. If you're getting a knock off I'd expect the price to be alot lower. At $25, you might as well support the original! 

    • Gail W.

      Okay everyone , this just works !

      • Krista C.

        Costco is carrying them in a 2 pk for $39.99 .

        • Paije O.

          What are they called at Costco... I can't find it? Thanks!

          • Krista C.

            It's possible that not all Costcos are carrying them. They are called Squatty Potty . If you call your warehouse, give them item # 1075343 and they can look it up.

            • Kim M.

              Yes Costco carries the original, called Squatty Potty in stores. This Step and Go is just a copy.

            • Noahsmum

              They carry it at Costco here for a 2 pack for $39.99 I think 

              • Cristinaa

                remove magazines? Lol turn off the WiFi and let him use up his data haha 

                • Kim M.

                  Not new, and this is just a copy of the Squatty Potty which you can find at Costco 2/$40 or at Canadian Tire for $40.

                  • Joe71

                    Yeah, costco has a better deal on it. 2 Pak for $30 ish