Steam: Monkey Island Complete Pack For $4.99

Steam: Monkey Island Complete Pack For $4.99


Right now, is offering the Tales of Monkey Island Complete Pack for only $4.99us! You can buy online, and download it right there and then - it includes episodes one to five.

You can download each episode separately, so it's not a huge download if you were worried about that.

I bought The  Tales of Monkey Island Complete Pack a few weeks ago, and I've been having a go at it. I've only completed episode one so far, but I really enjoyed it, even though there was no insult sword-fighting!

I love guybrush though. I have always wondered if there was a Tales of Monkey Island movie, who would play Guybrush and Elaine? I'd like to put Nathon Fillion in as the world's mightiest pirate, and perhaps someone like Angelina Jolie as Elaine. What do you think?


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  • Avigayil
    I was really lucky to get a 'first come first serve' code for something called "The Secret of Monkey Island" from Game Agent a while back. I haven't managed to get through much of it but I find Guybrush so annoying! He is like.. so full of optimism it can be aggravating... no matter what people say he is happy-go-lucky!