Starbucks: Free Coffee Or Tea On Earth Day

Starbucks: Free Coffee Or Tea On Earth Day


When you bring in your travel cup to Starbucks on Earth Day, April 22, you'll get a free coffee or tea!

Did you know that if you use your travel mug at Starbucks throughout the year, you'll save $0.10 off your drink? That's a good way to entice customers to reduce waste. Now, if it was $1 off, I might actually do it all year long!

(Expires 22 April 2011)


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  • Megan
    $1 off? Seriously? How hard is it to bring a travel mug along with you to Starbucks? We shouldn't have to be bribed. I don't understand your greediness!
    • Jodie
      Just a joke!
      • Catherine
        I don't think it's greedy at all and a great idea Jodie! Many people just aren't motivated by 10¢. But $1 would jog their memory to bring a cup or to haul their butt back out to the car to get the mug they forgot!