Stag Shop Canada: Surprise Birthday Sale For One Day Only

Stag Shop Canada: Surprise Birthday Sale For One Day Only

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Today only at 4pm, Stag Shop is celebrating its 42nd birthday for four hours and 20 minutes with 42% off.

Here's the thing - Stag Shop isn't saying what the 42% is off of. It doesn't say off everything, it doesn't say not including restricted items, it just says 42% off. So, if you've been pining for a certain something, now is the time to go online and check the price and see if it gets discounted by nearly half.

I'm actually in shock that Stag Shop has been around for 42 years, which probably goes with the belief that your mother or your grandmother couldn't have possibly had sex, they just couldn't. Although 42 years ago was 1972 and well, we know that was a swinging time. Anyway, I'm glad they did open and that people are enjoying sex and all their fetishes, and that we still are 42 days later. I'd love to see what sort of vintage adult toys there are out there. Vibes seemed to have matured so much even in the last five years, I can't imagine what they were like 40 years ago.

Think about the fact that shipping is free at Stag Shop when you spend over $75, so you can plan your purchases accordingly.

(Expiry: 20th February 2014 8:40pm EST)


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