Sportchek Canada: Free Skate Sharpening

Sportchek Canada: Free Skate Sharpening

SportChek Canada is offering free skate sharpening right now. There is a limit of 3 skate sharpenings per customer per visit and this cannot be combined with any other offers or discounts. In-store only and subject to availability.

It's time to get ready for hockey season. Pull all of your skates out of the storage closet and take them in for sharpening. Don't wait until that last minute when all skate sharpening locations are closed or you have to pay for it. Skate sharpenings are $4 each regular price, so for 3 pair, you're saving $12.

I have to admit; every year we make that last minute decision to go skating. When we pull all the skates out for everyone, we realize that they need to be sharpened and sometimes it's been quite the hassle to find a location that's open to do this. You would think we'd learn eventually. I am going to take advantage of this free service and inform my family to do the same. This year, we'll be ready.

Check out the great sales available on hockey equipment while you're there. You can even shop by appointment from now until September 30th, at no extra charge to get valuable advice when buying your equipment.

(Expires: 13th, August 2012)


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