Sony Style Canada: SD Cards On Sale

Sony Style Canada: SD Cards On Sale

Sony Style Canada is offering their high quality SD cards for sale. You can choose from Class 4 or Class 10, from 2 gig up to 32 gig in size.

The best discount for the Class 10 range is the 8GB Class 10 SDHC Memory Carddiscounted to $27.99, originally $69.99. That is 60% off.  The best deal for the Class 4 range is the 16GB SDHC Memory Card discounted to $37.99, originally $89.99 (58% off).

My current 8 gig SD card has decided to no longer work: it won't delete photos off its memory (even when it shows them all deleted), and it doesn't read properly. I figure that maybe it is time to invest in a good quality SD Card for my valuable photos as I would hate to return home from vacation to not be able to access photos on a faully SD card. That is why I decided to see what Sony had, and was happily surprised that they were on sale. I think I will be getting the 8gig Class 10.

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