Solar Security Lights 4 Pack, $46.99 Includes Free Shipping @

Solar Security Lights 4 Pack, $46.99 Includes Free Shipping @

The skeptical side of me was a bit hesitant to click on the solar security lights 4 pack for only $46.99 which includes free shipping, but it was listed as a Costco Hot Buy so I was intrigued. Usually when Costco promotes something as a hot buy, it is a deal well worth looking at and this certainly didn't disappoint.

The reviews were explanatory and complimentary. The most negative review I found was that one person had 1 out of 4 lights not work. In that scenario, it is easily returned in-warehouse, and one could re-order. I doubt it's a common occurrence as there were no other comments pertaining to that. The comments were from people who have not only tried them and liked them, but who also ordered more. These lights will light up automatically at dusk, and stay lit for up to 8 hours!

I really like that 4 solar security lights are included in this pack, and it is awesome to know that they are powered from solar energy. This is a good lesson for kids to learn about. I would literally use it as a teaching moment but maybe that's just me being a geek. I was amazed at solar calculators in junior high, and I know I will be even more impressed with these lights when they arrive.

Shipping is free, as it is with all orders.

(Deal expiry: Unknown, or while supplies last.)


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  • eagleson_kd

    You can buy those in the store at least in London Ontario for $29.99 for a 4 pk.  I have bought them and they are great.