These Shopkins Playsets are Just Like Polly Pocket!

These Shopkins Playsets are Just Like Polly Pocket!

I almost couldn't believe it when I saw the new Shopkins Lil' Secrets Mini Playsets. They definitely gave me a trip down memory lane, and I'm betting they'll be on the top of more than a few Christmas lists this year.

These little locks have popped up on a few different websites over the last couple weeks. They tend to sell out FAST whenever they're in stock, though, so you'll want to hurry as soon as you see them somewhere!

They first appeared on the Toys R Us Canada website a few weeks ago, but they vanished within a couple days and haven't been back there since.

However, they're still at Chapters Indigo! If you're looking to shop online, know that these sets are on re-order. You can sign up for notifications when they're back in stock or stay tuned to this post for info as soon as they're back. They're still available in stores and sell for $16.95 each.

So what are Shopkins Lil' Secrets Locks?

Also called Shopkins Lil' Secrets Mini Playsets and sometimes just Shopkins Locks, these are new collectible playsets that are full of tiny Shopkins surprises.

Let's be real though: these are basically Polly Pocket for a new generation. They're portable and adorable, just like the Polly Pocket toys we grew up with, but they're filled with surprises for the Shopkins fans out there. You can crack the code to open your lock and reveal Teeny Shoppies and Tiny Shopkins – and you might just find a special finish secret lock!

That's not all though. There are also new Shopkins Lil' Secrets Lockets, which sell for $6.95 each. They're out of stock online at Chapters, but we'll let you know here when they're back!

Orders over $25 ship free, or you can ship your order to a Chapters store for free.


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  • Amy D.

    remember these! :joy:

    • Sophie J.

      link isnt working... and when I check the website it isnt showing them

      • Bargainmoose

        Strange, it looks like they were just taken down from the Toys R Us website. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We're looking into it, and hopefully they'll be back soon!

        • Sophie J.

          i hope so, my daughter will LOVE them

          • Carris L.

            Must have!!!!!

            • Kelli R.

              Ty! Perfect

              • alexcantin

                Fyi Toys Rus also has some in stock right now.