Delonghi 1.7 L Cordless Jug Kettle Now $49.99 | Was $99.99 Delonghi 1.7 L Cordless Jug Kettle Now $49.99 | Was $99.99

I OWN this kettle so I know it is completely fabulous! This price is also sweet, get 50% off a Delonghi 1.7 L Cordless Jug Kettle Now $49.99 | Was $99.99 at

The reasons this kettle totally beats all previous kettles I have owned:

  1. The jug is cordless, you pull it off the base to fill, and then again to pour. Never need to unplug.
  2. It holds 1.7 L, which is more than my teapot can hold! A full pot of tea every time!
  3. It lights up! You will know if the kettle is unplugged or not on, because it lights up when powered.
  4. Fast boil. I haven't timed my kettle, but it boils pretty darn fast!
  5. I can see how high the water is from outside the kettle, thanks to a viewing area.
  6. It is beautiful. I like beautiful appliances and my kettle is right up there with my Kitchen Aid appliances.

This kettle is sweet, and I personally deam it the best kettle I have ever owned. Have had it for over a year now, and am very very happy with it.

Besides, at $50 for a kettle and free shipping you can't go wrong!

Expiry: Unknown (could be a one day deal though, not sure).


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