Shoe Me Canada: Flipsters Sandals Only $1.7 Billion With Coupon code & Free Shipping!

Shoe Me Canada: Flipsters Sandals Only $1.7 Billion With Coupon code & Free Shipping!


I hope you've saved your pennies, because you do not want to miss out on this hot deal from Shoe Me! Get the gorgeous Flipsters sandals for a low price of $2,495,000,076! If you use the coupon code SUMMER30, you'll be discounted another 30% and your total will only be $1,746,500,053! What a steal! Of course, free shipping also applies because you wouldn't want to pay an extra fee for shipping on such a hot deal.

In order to get this deal, you may need to remortgage your home, plus the home of your parents, your children and your neighbours. I think it is well worth it for these sweet sandals. What's super cool about these Flipsters is that they fold up to a really small size. That means they'd be great to keep in your glove compartment or gym bag, that is if you can afford a car or gym membership after buying them. You probably can't.


They come in a variety of colours like copper, orange, blue, red and more. They have the cutest little carry bag, which makes the price completely worth it.

They also have flats, which are a solid price of $3,495,000,076. Add the coupon code to see the price come down to $2,446,500,053.20. The taxes won't hurt you either.

There is another sort of meh deal on the page, where the navy flat Flipstersare 100% off (although they aren't free). Regularly $3 billion, they are on sale for $34.95. That's an ok deal, I guess, if you want to be that guy with $35 shoes. Borrrinnngggg....

I want to thank Mooser Susan for sending us in this hot deal! I really hope a lot of Moosers get to take advantage of it, as these will make a great pair of secondary shoes. At such a low price, you don't need to wear them every day to get the worth out of them!

Bargainmoosers, how many pairs are you going to buy?

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  • samiya
    I don't get this!
    • Anna W.
      Bought two. Thanks.
      • Brooke W.
        In for 6! I will resell them 20 years from now and make my money back I am sure!
        • Mel
          Shucks, it looks like the ones made of diamonds are sold out. Oh well....
          • allyson
            • witchblade
              The taxes are killing me!