Shady Spaces Hosta Garden—15 Roots Ready to Grow!

Shady Spaces Hosta Garden—15 Roots Ready to Grow!

Here's a cool offer from Costco for any gardeners out there who have shady patches that they need to fill in. You can have this complete Shady Spaces Hosta Garden shipped to your front door. It will arrive with 15 roots ready to grow, plus full planting instructions in case your thumb is not quite as green as it could be.

This ready to plant garden is normally $39 but right now you can grab it for $28, and that price includes shipping and handling.

This ready-to-grow hosta garden comes with a mix of seven varieties and a total of 15 roots. I have several varieties of hostas in my own garden and not only are they all beautiful, but they could not be easier to maintain. You really just need to set them and forget them... though you may need to get in there once and a while and pick off the slugs (ew).

You do need to have a nice shady spot to plant your hostas. They don't do well in full sun. But these lovely leafy plants look wonderful as borders, or grouped all together as a stunning focal point in a large shady patch or woodland garden.

Do you have tips for other plants that thrive in a shade-garden?

(Offer expires on May 1, 2016)


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