This Sponge Cleans Makeup Brushes Without Water

This Sponge Cleans Makeup Brushes Without Water

If you hate cleaning your makeup brushes, I may have just found something that completely changes the game.

Color Switch is a makeup-cleaning sponge made by Vera Mona for Sephora Collection. But here's the catch: you use it DRY.

That's right. NO water is needed. While it might not give your brushes a deep clean (you still need water for that), it does let you switch colours without having to wash your brushes.

It's a lifesaver if, like me, you only own a few eyeshadow brushes. Instead of trying to wash brushes as you go or using the same dirty brush for every shade, just swipe it on the sponge. It will remove any leftover pigmentation – without water.

This magic sponge comes in two sizes: standard (4 oz) for $23 or mini (2 oz) for $18.

And yes, the sponge is reusable. To clean it, add a small drop of soap, run it under warm water, squeeze out the excess (until the water runs clear) and lay it flat to dry. If you're in a hurry, just spray the Color Switch sponge with a disinfecting brush cleaning spray and set it aside to dry.

You can also order the Vera Mona Color Switch Duo (which isn't a collaboration with Sephora) directly from Amazon Canada for $21. You can use both sides of the black sponge to clean your brushes, and it includes a sponge in the middle you can dampen for wet eyeshadow application.

When you shop at Sephora, orders over $50 ship free.


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    Got mine at the dollar store

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      Thanks for the tip!