Sears Canada: Frozen Snow Kix Were $50 | Now $45

Sears Canada: Frozen Snow Kix Were $50 | Now $45


I found a cool idea that will get your kids out in the colder weather without complaint. These Outer Edge Frozen 12" snow kix are super cute Frozen-inspired snow shoes. They sell at Sears for $49.99, but are on sale for $44.99.

I recently took my kids on a walk down a beautiful trail that is part of the Trans Canada trail. While they whined the entire way (cold, hungry and tired were each of their excuses), I really want to take them for weekend walks more often. I know that winter is coming, but the trail I was speaking of would be a perfect snowshoeing trail. If I dress them warm, feed them beforehand and get them pumped up with fun ideas like wearing Minions snowshoes, I think I may just be able to do this.

There isn't much of a description on the snow kix, basically that they have an adjustable strap, are made of plastic, metal and paper and are recommended for age six and up.

I tried to find snow kix elsewhere, but it seems that Sears might be the only ones who sell these. The Outer Edge website did not work for me either so I could see how much they sold them for. I did look at kid's snowshoes and they sell for quite a bit more than this price. I have something similar that my mom bought the kids a few years ago, which made tracks in the snow and they were also great for walking. If anything, these might just be fun for the kids to put on and run around in the backyard.

If your child is not a Frozen fan, I also found Despicable Me snow kix, which are $49.99.

There are a few coupons you can use once you've got your cart up to $50, which these items are just shy of (but not if you buy both). Use the coupon code 941612468 to get $10 off any $50 order and if you plan to spend a bit at Sears, there are coupons for larger discounts on higher priced purchases, including a $50 off $200, which is pretty sweet.

Shipping is also free once you spend $49, which means the regular priced Kix would get free shipping, but the sale ones won't unless you find something else to add (which you should so you also get $10 off!).

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