Rexall: $5 off $50 Canadian Tire Gift Card (In-Store)

Rexall: $5 off $50 Canadian Tire Gift Card (In-Store)


Rexall Canada is selling $50 Canadian Tire gift cards for $45 this week - you save $5. This is an in-store only deal that is advertised in their flyer.

While we do not normally blog in-store deals only, discounts on gift cards are not that common. Gift cards are like exclusive cash for a certain store so 10% off a gift card is saving money before you even buy items at sale price or on clearance. It is a way of stacking discounts on top of each other for the best deal you can possibly get.

Canadian Tire is a good store to buy gift cards for. They often have incredible deals on tools and kitchenware. I have purchased a good deal of KitchenAid items from Canadian Tire over the years, including knives, frying pans, and baking dishes. They also do not have a fully integrated online store yet. Therefore, your best option is to shop in store.

I looked in the Canadian Tire flyer and they have some very good deals on right now. Use your gift card on any of the following awesome offers and more.

There are an extraordinary number of deals in the Canadian Tire flyer, so take a peek at it before you visit your local store. You will not want to miss any of the large discounts. I am thinking of purchasing one of these Henckels Resin Cutting Boards for $24.99, was $49.99. I really like resin cutting boards as they are very durable and handle sharp knives exceedingly well. I own one in a different brand, but we do need one more cutting board.

This deal from Rexall is a week long, but gift card supplies may be limited depending upon location and the popularity of this deal. You could also just gift the gift card this Christmas instead of spending it yourself. That way the lucky recipient will have a $50 gift card ready for Boxing Day.

(Expiry: 11th December 2014)


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