Rayanne Scarf Was $34 | Now $15 & Free Shipping @ Roots Canada

Rayanne Scarf Was $34 | Now $15 & Free Shipping @ Roots Canada


I love a good scarf and Roots Canada has discounted the Rayanne Scarf from $34 down to just $14.98 with free shipping. This scarf comes in two different colours so you can buy one for yourself and purchase a second for a friend.

Choose from celestial blue or fawn taupe. While I prefer blue, the fawn taupe is an excellent neutral colour that will work with far more of your wardrobe. Throw one around your shoulders on a breezy summer day. Wrap one around your neck on a cool autumn day. Tie one around your neck to keep cosy during the winter while still looking fashionable. These are every day appropriate and work appropriate with a simple geometric pattern of coloured triangles.

These are simple scarves with a raw / open fringe at the bottom that will fray (on purpose) with wear. Because they are Roots brand, I expect a much higher quality than a scarf you would buy at say Ardene or Claire's in the mall. Made of 100% polyester, these scarves are breezy enough for a warmer day but still can be wrapped securely to keep your neck warmer on cool days.

I own a couple of scarves myself as I mainly wear scarves instead of jackets in the fall. I would rather just layer on a sweater and a scarf than have to put on a jacket. I have two winter scarves and have now given my Mom almost all my summer scarves as i never wear them. However, she wears scarves all the time - mainly the rectangle ones - as she likes to have her arms covered and she likes how light the fabric is while still offering some protection. That being said, the Rayanne Scarf is very generous in size.

Whether you wear scarves or not this scarf also will be an excellent gift. Come Christmas, there are always those gift exchange parties we all attend that usually have a spending limit of $20. Pick up this scarf and have everyone in the room fighting over who gets to keep it.

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