Quick Surprise Bargainmoose Giveaway: 4x Reader's Digest Yearly Subscriptions

Quick Surprise Bargainmoose Giveaway: 4x Reader's Digest Yearly Subscriptions

*** Contest now closed: subscriptions sent to Anna, Deanna, Maya, Danielle ***

We've got some account credit in the Bargainmoose account on Dealticker, and they've currently got a good deal on a yearly Reader's Digest subscription, which Avigayil blogged about yesterday. So, we might as well give some out to the Moosers! We'll give away 4 free yearly subscriptions.

How to enter: Leave comment below telling us what you think about Reader's Digest

Don't forget that if you subscribe to the Bargainmoose daily email updates you will get a bonus contest entry (if you're already subscribed, that will also be counted)

Prizes: 4x yearly subscriptions to Reader's Digest


  • Ends 27th January 2012
  • One entry per household
  • Contest ends when 10 eligible entries have been made
  • Canadian entrants only
  • Rules subject to change at admin’s discretion


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  • Vanessa
    I love Reader's Digest. I remember as a child flipping through the tiny magazine at my grampa's looking for allege jokes and funny little stories. Every time I see one now, it brings back memories of my grampa, whom I miss.
    • verity f.
      I remember reading Reader's Digest when I was a kid! My parents used to have a subscription and we would look forward to reading all the anecdotes about real people's lives. Would love a subscription myself for my family!
      • Emma B.
        love to read it and used it for lots of picture collages as a kid
        • suzi
          Reader's Digest is one of my favourite magazines! The stories are varied and always interesting. I can pick it up and put it down whenever I want. And the jokes are hilarious!
          • Rad D.
            Readers Digest has such an incredible selection of articles from diverse areas. It's one publication I reach for anytime I am in a waiting room....be it a doctor's, dentist's, or even at an auto mechanic,s waiting room. You will always leave with a 'nugget' of knowledge...guaranteed! Thank you Bargain Moose!
            • Maria
              I got printed once in Reader's Digest for a little anecdote I sent in. It was a real honour and I still have the copy, but the not $200 cheque they sent with it though ! Lot's of great memories with RD.
              • Jen F.
                I love having it to read - great articles as well as funny stories & jokes :)
                • supersu
                  i have always loved reader's digest magazine. as a young person my father and i challenged each other with the word definitions monthly. it really became 'our' thing to do every month when the little magazine arrived. even now as an adult, and with my dear old dad long gone, i try to complete it when i see the magazine-such great memories. thanks for the opportunity supersu
                  • Maggie
                    I love Reader's Digest. The articles are quick read and I like the small book format.
                    • kevinm
                      We read to know we are not alone.
                      • Miranda
                        I always loved the word definition page! There's such a huge variety of articles that there was almost always something for everyone.
                        • Susan D.
                          Reader's Digest has always meant the funny stories readers submitted and the vocabulary test. RD can put a smile on your face and still challenge your mind.
                          • Paula
                            Love it and always have!
                            • anna
                              Always did love their anecdotes sections!
                              • Gillian S.
                                I love Readers Digest - great jokes, great content!
                                • Callista
                                  I used to love when the new edition of the RD arrived at my grandparents house, because that meant the previous months edition was up for grabs! To this day a hot bubble bath and a RD is a favorite way to spend an evening!! :)
                                  • Karen
                                    I love Reader's Digest. I always read it when at my Chiropractors office...love "Life's Like That" and "Laughter is the Best Medicine". Would love to have my own subscription
                                    • Megan
                                      We always had Readers Digest growing up, I love the funny stories and getting to hear about the great things Canadians are doing!
                                      • kevinm
                                        Would love a subscription as I know it would be re-read years later and still raise a laugh, increase your knowledge, and make us proud of being human. Something when handed down will never be turned away!
                                        • Joy
                                          I have always enjoyed Readers Digest - i love that the articles are short; i can pick it up anytime and read it - i love the jokes, too - it is also a perfect size to carry in a purse.