Puma: Save 18% on Duties & Taxes

Puma: Save 18% on Duties & Taxes


Puma is offering you the chance to not pay that additional 18% for duties and taxes to Canada! This is an awesome promotion for anyone who does not live near a Puma, like me. Also, if your cart totals $85+ or more, you will get free shipping also!

Here was my cart total at checkout:

  • Merchandise USD 100.00
  • Shipping USD 0.00
  • Duties and Taxes (0%) USD 0.00
  • TOTAL USD 100.00

Wicked, on my cart I would be saving $18! So temped to buy the two 1/2 price jackets I stuck in my cart to test this out. :-D I have no idea when this ends, so I suggest order as soon as possible.

*Customers purchasing on Shop.PUMA.ca will receive an instant rebate on the amount charged for import duties and taxes. Offer is valid only on shipments to Canada and cannot be applied to past purchases.


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