Pricematters Canada: Free Shipping No Minimum

Pricematters Canada: Free Shipping No Minimum


Pricematters Canada is offering free shipping this weekend only - and this weekend starts early!

I totally checked out the Furby they have for sale right now. The Grey/Teal Furby were $49.99 but Pricematters has it for just $36.99. Don't forget though: we have an exclusive coupon code for an extra 10% off. I used our coupon code bargainmoose and the Furby came down to just $33.29. They also have a Blue/Yellow Furby , Black/Pink, and Orange/Blue Furby to choose from. These are all re-certified Furbies... meaning any problems with them were fixed. These same Furbies are on sale at ToysRUs for $59.97 so you are saving a good chunk of money.

I am been dreaming of mounting our television on the wall for the longest time! TVs are suck space hogs! This AVF Super Slim ZL4600-A Flat to Wall TV Mount for 25-42" Flat Panel TV Screens is just perfect. Originally $39.99 it is now only $29.99. After coupon it comes down to $26.99 and has free shipping.

There are tons of deals on Pricematters and with free shipping, the deals are even sweeter. Check our free shipping page for more free shipping deals!

(Expiry: 17th November 2013 - assumed)


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  • Amber
    Is there a code for the free shipping, I added items too my cart and went to check out and the shipping was 10$ :(
    • Avigayil
      When I tested it shipping came up and then came off before I entered credit card details. No coupon code was needed. Are you shipping to a remote location perhaps? That is all I can think of.
      • Anna W.
        Guys, I think the deal has changed on their site since this was published this morning - marking it as expired, sorry