There are New Polly Pocket Compacts in Canada!

There are New Polly Pocket Compacts in Canada!

One of the biggest toy announcements to rock the world last year involved everyone's favourite pint-sized gal: Polly Pocket.

Mattel re-released the classic compacts early last year, and they were a HUGE hit. Our kids loved them as much as we did, so they decided to release even more!

If you've been browsing at toy stores lately, you may have noticed some brand-new Polly Pocket sets on the shelves. So far, I've seen them online at Chapters Indigo and at Amazon Canada. If you spot them anywhere else in the country, let us know!

To fill you in if you missed the first Polly Pocket re-release: the new dolls got a makeover, and they (along with their compacts and accessories) are a lot bigger than the Polly Pockets we're used to.

Polly Pockets have become a huge collector's item since they were discontinued in 1998, so this might be your chance to finally score a compact or two at a much more reasonable price than what they've been selling for lately – if you can find them in stock.

And if you know any kiddos who would love these, you just might want to check out the brand-new Shopkins Lil' Secrets Mini Playsets. They're pretty much just like Polly Pocket, but they're especially for Shopkins fans and MUCH easier to find in stock right now.


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  • Tina M.

    I KNOW!!! I was already looking them up for Margot. She LOVES Kate’s and Mrs Trudy’s.

    • Sarah V.

      and these are like the ones from when we were kids, real small and tiny!

      • Samantha K.

        Shopkins also makes them now and those are more like the ones we had