Plasma Car $68.88 @

Plasma Car $68.88 @

I don’t know who loves the Plasma Car more, the kids or me! We have one right now but clearly need another, and this is the best price I’ve seen in a while. has various colours of the Plasma Car for $68.88.

This ride-on is foot-powered so no cords, pedals or batteries, and is perfect for ages 3 and up. It will also hold up to 220 lbs so you can take turns with the kiddies… if they’ll share.

The kids will be so excited to see this car under the Christmas tree and can ride it inside throughout the winter, then bring it outside for spring and summer!

Sit with both feet up on the footrests, turn the wheel every which way to get moving and enjoy the thrill as the car can reach up to an exhilarating 10 km/hr!

It is also available @ Chapters for $69.95 and Toys R Us for $69.99.

The Plasma Car will ship for free from Amazon because it is over $35.


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