PhotoLab Canada: 50 4x6 Prints Just $5

PhotoLab Canada: 50 4x6 Prints Just $5


Prepare for the holidays early with pictures of the family. Get 50 4"x6" prints for just $5 this week at Photolab Canada.

I did a little price comparing to see how good this deal really was. Here is what 50 4x6 pictures would cost you regularly at these fine companies:

  • Photolab: 19 cents each = $9.50
  • Henry's: 26 cents each = $13
  • Snapfish: 15 cents each = $7.50
  • Walmart Photo: 19 cents each = $9.50

This deal from Photolab will save you several dollars over the cheapest price (which does not include Snapfish's shipping costs). While you could pay for shipping from Photolab (who wants to do that), you are better off having the prints shipped to your local Loblaw, Fortinos, Superstore, Zehrs, etc. for free.

These days, what are photo prints good for? Primarily, they are for giving away to family and friends. Take a cute picture of your kid and send it to the relatives in their Christmas cards. Get a group photo of your immediate family and update the relatives on how everyone has grown. Photos are a still frame of life that people enjoy seeing and holding on to. It marks the passage of time and you can trace a person's growth through their pictures. Send pictures of yourself to your friends and ask for pictures back so you can put them on your fridge.

With 50 prints costing just $5, you can load up 50 Christmas Cards with photos this year on the cheap. Now you just need a good deal on Christmas Cards and you will be all set, eh?

It appears that you do not need to have 50 of the same print. Rather, you can select 20 of one photo and 30 of another if that suits you. However, your bundle must total 50 4x6 prints in order to get this deal. You can also choose from different styles of picture. You have four choices:

  • glossy
  • glossy with border
  • matte
  • matte with border

I never did like the border on photos, as a great photo looks beautiful down to the very edges of the picture. There is no need to cut that off with a line of black or white. The card itself acts as a frame without adding a border to it.

I took advantage of the $2 mugs that Eva posted about quite a bit ago and gave it to my father for Father's Day. I was pleasantly surprised by the print and photo quality.

(Expiry: 9th October 2014)


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  • Sarai
    Thanks, I'm always on the lookout for these types of deals as I am old-fashioned and always like to print photos for my picture albums!
    • Avigayil M.
      Glad I could help! :-)