PETA's McCruelty Campaign Takes on McDonalds for Halloween!

PETA's McCruelty Campaign Takes on McDonalds for Halloween!

logo-mccrueltyI admit that I laughed when I first saw this website - the shock value of the Evil Ronald mask made me laugh. But ... after I started watching the videos and reading the articles, the horror of it hit me all over again. I mean ... this is a restaurant where we take our children!!

I don't want to alienate our readers, and I've definitely taken my kids to McDs in the past, but I totally support the work PETA is doing to stop McDonalds cruelty to the chickens they use in their menu items.  A more humane way exists (controlled atmosphere killing-CAK) but McDonalds has long refused to use it.

(Please be aware that the info is very graphic and may disturb some people. Please use your discretion about what you choose to show your children.)McDmask

    Isn't it far better to make an informed decision when you choose where to spend your dining dollars?

    If you choose to fill out the order form for the Evil Ronald kit, you'll receive a pack that includes a limited-edition "Evil Ronald" mask, stickers, petitions and leaflets to help get the word out about McCruelty at school and around town, and more! Don't forget to change your country to "Canada" when you fill out your address info. You'll definitely get people around you talking!

    PETA also has many more age-appropriate and gentle video clips on their website to teach children all about caring for and loving animals, and stopping animal abuse.


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    • omnomnom
      I'm definitely against animal cruelty, but this still makes me hungry for a hamburger. o_O
      • Rita
        I'm not a fan of PETA's tactics or politics at all. And I don't expect to see posts like this on a bargain hunting website. I like Anna's posts much better....not a big fan of the new writer - thumbs down.
        • Carrie
          groan - LOL!
          • Anna
            @Rita - I asked Carrie to post this deal up, so it didn't come soley from her. I don't expect to be able to please everybody all of the time, you just have to scroll on past the posts you are not interested in.
            • Scott
              l agree with the previous poster. Let's keep this site about bargains and not some-one's one sided political views. First thumbs down ever for the Bargain Moose.
              • Maggie
                Same, this sucks. We aren't here for this. I think this is inappropriate. But do what you will and lose readers (like me) if you want.
                • Carrie
                  hi folks, my comment above was posted a bit out of order. I wasn't LOLing at Rita's post. It was meant to be in response to the first posting - Omnomnom's comment about the post making him/her hungry for a burger made me laugh. I would never laugh at someone who's expressing a viewpoint. Respectfully agree to disagree is preferred.
                  • Doug
                    Are you people serious? You're actually complaining about a post on a blog site? Seriously why not take the time you would have saved from not writing anything at all and just scroll down past the post? Maggie if you want to leave due to one post that you don't like then obviously there must be other issues you have besides this. For God's sake people its a blog. It doesn't even have to exist but Anna is doing this for everyone, some may like it and some may not. Just scroll past what you don't like its pretty simple to do and alot easier than wasting time making a comment about it. Rock on Anna! (I'll stick around through the good and bad posts) :)
                    • Rita
                      For me - it is not about "scrolling down" past a post - I can do that easily enough. It is about not supporting a website with a political agenda. If this is meant to be a blog about bargains - let it be a blog about bargains - not about USING YOUR KIDS for some sort of protest. And just because the kit is free - doesn't mean it falls under the category of bargains. That would be equivalent to saying that you can get free campaign posters and badges for a supporting a political candidate. The "free good" (i.e. the stupid McD mask or the campaign poster) has no intrinsic value in and of itself, but is only useful if used for showcasing support for a political cause. That is why I think it is an inappropriate post for this type of blog. And if Anna too was responsible for this post - well, I guess there is no need to stick around to see what other political surprises are waiting around the corner. You've lost another reader.....
                      • willowsprite
                        Unfortunately, it isn't just McDonald's. You should mention all the other companies who use this killing method as well.
                        • Reader
                          It's really too bad PETA uses such immature tactics to rile people up. I agree with their stand on animal cruelty but their tactics are en ambarassment for PETA. If anything, this makes me want to support McDonald's even more because I believe change should be brought about by educating consumers - NOT by propaganda and destruction of a comapny's trademarks, brands, logos, or other intellectual property. I won't be visiting PETA's website but I might go get a HAPPY meal just to support the right cause.