Paw Patrol Toys from only $7.61 @ Chapters Indigo! (EXPIRED)

Paw Patrol Toys from only $7.61 @ Chapters Indigo! (EXPIRED)


Yesterday, I let you guys know about a deal on Shopkins from only $4.21 at Chapters, which many of the Moosers took advantage of, as it’s a very popular item on Christmaslists this year. Another brand that is featuring very highly on those lists is Paw Patrol – the popular cartoon from Nickelodeon. This brand is rarely discounted too, but the current coupon code from Chapters actually works on many of the Paw Patrol toys – meaning you can buy them from only $7.61 and upwards!

You can get the discount prices using the coupon code HOLIDAY15 until the 22nd November 2015.

This is the item that would be $7.61 – it’s the Paw Patrol Rubble Action Pack Pup & Badge priced at $8.95 – but $7.61 after the coupon is applied. Here are a few more examples for you:

The last item on the list there – the Paw Patrol Mission Chase: I just ran a quick price comparison for you. The same toy is $80 at Toys R Us, $111 from Amazon Marketplace, $80 from Sears. As you can see, the 15% coupon from Chapters really makes a significant difference here.

Yesterday, Mooser Kayla said this in a comment here on Bargainmoose:

I am also on the hunt for PawPatrol items for my 5 year old daughter who is currently obsessed with that television show and figure my wanting to get her more Disney Princess and Fairy stuff this Christmas may not fly.

The exact same thing has happened to my five year old daughter in the last month! She asked to watch Paw Patrol after she heard some people talking about it at school. Since then… it’s been Paw Patrol this and Paw Patrol that. Santa already has arranged a Christmas present… but it’s not Paw Patrol! I think Santa is going to have to work on that a bit :)

(Expires: 22nd November 2015)


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  • Leigh A.
    Now if only Chapters Indigo offered free shipping to the home when you spend $25 (or more), not just to the store! I live 2.5 hours to the nearest store
    • Shar
      I get stuff delivered all the time for any order over $25. It goes via Canada Post and usually has a fast shipping time.