Papa John's: Get a Free Pizza if Your Kid is in Minor Hockey

Papa John's: Get a Free Pizza if Your Kid is in Minor Hockey

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Free Papa John's pizza just for having a kid in hockey!

Me and my wife have been eating a lot of Papa John's pizza lately. We had been getting most of our pizza from a different place because you get a lot of food for super cheap. There is nothing wrong with this other place and I love it with all my heart. But one day my wife convinced me to go to Papa John's. We had it a while ago when they first opened a location near out house but I still preferred this other place. Well, I've been officially converted. For about the same amount of money we get what seems like less food but turns out to be just as much. You see, at this other place we got a pizza garlic fingers, wings, pop and breadsticks along with a few different dipping sauces for a certain amount of money. At Papa John's we pay a little bit less but we only get one pizza. Seems like a scam, right? Well, first off, the pizza is a bit bigger around but the real reason it is worth the money is the quality. You get better toppings and way more of them. You can actually feel the difference just picking up the box. A  Papa John's pizza just has that heft to it. You feel like if you dropped it on a kitten, the kitten might get hurt. A pizza from this other place would just slightly annoy a kitten on whom it was dropped.

Just for illustration purposes, I'd eat half a pizza, half a garlic finger, four wings and half an order of breadsticks (five, maybe) along with a bunch of pop from this other place and at Papa John's sometimes I need to save a piece for the next day or let everything settle before finishing the last piece.

Ok, what am I doing here? Free pizza! Right!

If you bring your kid in wearing his (or her, right Manon Rhéaume?) minor hockey jersey, you get a free 10" pizza with your order! It isn't available online so you'll need to call your order in or walk it in if you feel like waiting on them to hand make and cook a pizza.  You'll definitely want to call ahead because not all places have to participate in this promotion.

(Expires: 1st March 2014)


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