Nespresso Friends & Family Estore Discounts

Nespresso Friends & Family Estore Discounts


From now until the 9th of November 2010, the prices of the coffee machines and accessories are all discounted, from the Nespresso friends and family estore.

Click here to shop at the Nespresso estore

  • Code: ROMA8

You need the above code to access the friends and family prices of the Nespresso estore.

Here are some examples of the prices of the machines:

By far, the biggest discount appears to be on the Concept D290 model, a $150 price cut.

I don’t personally have much experience with Nespresso coffee machines, what do you think of them?

Just out of interest, I googled for some reviews of the D290 and found these:

I used to spend about $25 a week on buying Mochas at Starbuck's or Pete's, but since I received this as a gift at the end of last year, I've been saving a lot of money. The capsules are about 55cents a piece. Translation: For what I was spending in about 2 weeks going every weekday I now get a daily supply of 3-shot mochas for the entire month. [onlineconsumerstore]

Admittedly I am addicted to this machine, the espresso. I have owned this machine for around 3 years now and made maybe 5,000 cups of espresso with this. [Amazon]


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