Belkin Conserve Power Switch Was $10 | Now $4 (EXPIRED) Belkin Conserve Power Switch Was $10 | Now $4  (EXPIRED)

NCIX has an excellent deal on this Belkin Conserve Clutter Reducing Power Switch. Originally $9.99, the Belkin power switch is now on sale for $3.99with free shipping (expired).

First, what is this thing? Well, it is an outlet that you plug into your normal outlets. This outlet has a switch built in that cuts power from your device to the outlet. For instance, you could put this between your toaster's cord and the outlet you usually plug into. Then, instead of unplugging your toaster every time it is not in use - you simply flip the switch to off. Presto - the power has been cut.

This device is very useful for saving on your power bill. Many articles have been written on the internet about ghost energy - energy used, that you pay for, when your electronics, appliances, and more are not in use. Money savers everywhere suggest unplugging any device that is not in use. However, this switch can work for anything you do not want to be constantly plugging in and unplugging. In the end, they will save you money on your energy bill.

One reviewer said:

A simple switch that can help reduce power consumption and also function as a on/off switch to items that does not have a power switch.

That pretty much sums the device up.

I tried price comparing with other stores in Canada but this device is not carried very many places. I did find them at for $6.99 each. Unless your cart totalled $25, you would not receive free shipping either. The ratings on Amazon Canada are positive as well.

These little power switches draw no power when they are turned off. They also reduce the clutter of a bunch of unplugged devices. There is nothing like trying to figure out which black cord with two prongs belongs to which device. They come with a limited one-year warranty. I like the colour of these too: it is a combination of white, grey, and lemongrass (greenish-yellow).

There does not appear to be a limit to how many you can buy during this sale. I think this is a hot deal, and it is only on for a couple more days. For your information, this product is currently backordered but the website says to order now and they will ship when it is back in stock.

(Expiry: 25th March 2015)


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  • Leandro
    Didn't get free shipping because it's Out of stock.
    • Swapandeep
      No free shipping on this item
      • Ben
        Hi guys, the 'Free Shipping' link just links to a Bargain Moose page with coupon codes for free shipping codes, but NCIX is not one of them.
        • Avigayil
          As NCIX's website says: "Availability: Back Order [RT] This product is available but currently we do not have stock. Order it today and we will ship when it's available. Free Ground Shipping for this item only!"
          • Anna W.
            The NCIX website is pretty confusing. It clearly states free shipping on the product page, yet shows you a fee when you go through chekcout. I'll be emailing them about it :)
            • Anna W.
              NCIX said that some shipping promos aren't valid on out of stock items (they're working on clarifying that free shipping message up in those cases).